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At DefectWise, we recognise the critical role that a comprehensive building defects report plays in ensuring project integrity and client satisfaction. That’s why we’ve developed a robust reporting functionality as part of our innovative building inspection app and online management system. With our tools, generating detailed and insightful reports tailored to your project needs is not just a possibility but a seamless reality.

Explore how DefectWise simplifies the reporting process, empowering professionals like you to streamline operations and deliver excellence at every stage.

DefectWise Site Inspection App




Record and categorise defects via app or web.


Edit your report template with easy options.



Create reports in popular file formats.


Share via public URL, email or to cloud storage.

  • Customisable Template: Add your branding and project details for professional-looking reports.
  • Instant Generation: Generate reports instantly, saving time and streamlining your workflow.
  • Offline Reporting: Create reports without internet access, ensuring productivity in remote locations.
  • Shareable Public URL: Easily share reports via a public URL link, avoiding large email attachments.
  • Powerful Filtering: Filter reports by defect status, contractor responsible, or defect list for focused insights.
  • Photos & Comments: Enhance reports with visual evidence of building defects & ongoing status updates.
  • Flexible Export Formats: Export reports to PDF, DOCX, or CSV formats for compatibility with your tools.


DefectWise provides a fast and easy workflow for generating and distributing reports in the following formats.


Quickly share a project snapshot and view using Adobe Acrobat or compatible PDF viewing software.


Open and edit in MS Word, Google Docs or compatible software. Import into your own styled templates to ensure reporting is on brand. 


Open using popular spreadsheet software like MS Excel or Google Sheets. Use to manage defects status or share with builders for updates.

Construction Defects Reporting CSV DOC PDF

Sharing & Distribution

Download & Preview

Access and preview reports directly on your browser or device.

Share Online

Generate links for stakeholders to download the building defects report with ease.

Transfer or Attach

Attach reports to emails or upload them to your preferred online storage system.

Key Benefits

Designed For Builders, Project Managers & Construction Professionals

  • Effortless Report Generation: Save time and effort with one click report generation.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Foster efficient defect rectification and communication with builders.
  • Clear and Concise Reports: Ensure all stakeholders understand issues with easy-to-follow reports.
  • Brand Identity: Maintain professionalism with customisable cover pages and branding options.
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