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Construction Inspection Software for Teams

At DefectWise, we understand the importance of teamwork. That’s why we’ve crafted a powerful construction inspection software system designed to enhance communication, streamline workflows, and boost team productivity effortlessly.

DefectWise Site Inspection App

Efficient Team Management

  • Assign Inspectors: Easily assign inspectors, enabling defect generation and editing within the app.
  • User Permissions: Set security levels, ensuring proper access and control over project data.
  • Project Visibility: Grant team members report and project information access for seamless coordination.
  • Task Allocation: Easily assign work to contractors, share reports & update repair status.
Building Inspection Software for Teams
Building Inspections Software Real Time Updates

Real-Time Collaboration

  • Work as a Team: Multiple inspectors can record, edit and comment on defects, enhancing efficiency.
  • Live Updates: Instantly view defects created by team members, ensuring alignment via the app or web portal.

Owner Maintenance Portal

Set up dedicated portals for each of your projects and allow owners or stakeholders to submit defects and maintenance requests directly into the system.

Owners can create defects with photos using any web-enabled device and saved defects are immediately visible on your regular web portal or the defect app.

Owners have ongoing access to view the status of defects as they progress from new to complete.

Owners Defect Maintenance Management

Unique Benefits of DefectWise

  • Offline Functionality: Work seamlessly without internet, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.
  • Exceptional Customer Support: Our dedicated team provides prompt assistance.
  • Australia and New Zealand Focus: Tailored for local compliance and effectiveness.

Streamlined Construction Inspection Software

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