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Managing Team Users

The Team Page allows you to view existing users, invite new users and manage existing invites.

  • Navigate to the Settings page after having logged in
  • Select Team Page from the side menu

Note: You require Admin or Owner rights to access the team management screen.

Available Seats

Active users and invitations will use up your available seats.

To free up seats, you can either:

  • Upgrade your selected user quantity via the Billing Page using the Manage Subscription option.
  • Disable active users
  • Remove pending invites

Adding Users

If you have available seats, you can use the + Add Users option to invite people to join your organisation.

From the invite screen, enter emails for users and click send invites.

It is important users create accounts using emails that match those you have invited.

View Invites

The View Invites button will allow you to view and invites that have not yet been accepted.

Use this screen to either:

  • Cancel an invite
  • Resent an invite

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