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Creating an Account

There are three main ways to create an account for DefectWise:

  1. Email & Password
  2. Sign In With Google
  3. Sign in With Apple

1. Email and Password

This method allows you to create an account with any email address and a password. The email address can be any email address, including Gmail or Apple email addresses, and you can make any password you wish that will be used explicitly for this account.

2. Sign in With Google

This method is for users who have a Gmail account or a Business Gmail account associated with their domain.

This method uses the default Google Authentication process and does not require you to enter a password (if you have already signed in to the Gmail account on your device or browser).

3. Sign in With Apple

This method allows you to use your iCloud account details to create an account. You can also choose to use the private email address provided by Apple.

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