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Clone a List

DefectWise provides effective and clear capture of defects by allocating them into separate lists. This article explains how to clone a list.

Cloning a list creates a copy of an existing list as a new list in the same project. The clone does not copy the photos or contractor assignments from the defects contained within the list being cloned from.

The new list that is created will have a description of “[Original List Description] (Copy)” so that it can be identified in the project home page. The description of the list can then be updated.

To clone a list:

  • Open the project to clone a list from.
  • Click/tap the list row that is to be cloned.
  • In the web portal, click the “List Details” menu item from the side-menu.
    In the mobile app, tap the kebab menu item at the top right.
  • Click/tap “Clone List”.

The new created cloned list will then be available from the main project page to have defects allocated to it.

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