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Add Photos to a Defect

DefectWise enables the fast, accurate capture of construction defects, including photos of the defect. This article shows how to add photos to a defect.

The steps to do this are:

  • Select the project the defect belongs to.
  • Select the list the defect belongs to.
  • If the defect already exists, select the defect, otherwise, create a new defect
  • Click/tap the photo placeholder.
  • From the web portal, a file picker will open to allow you to select the image from your computer.
    From the mobile app, you will be presented with the option to select a photo from your gallery or to take a new photo with the camera.
  • Select/take the photo.
  • Make any adjustments to the photo using the in-built editor.
  • The placeholder will be replaced with your photo after finalising the photo.

Each defect can have up to three main photos added to it. The process to add additional photos is the same as above for each one.

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