V1.5.0 Release Notes – Online Reports

Jan 11, 2023Updates

It’s a new year and with that comes new updates! We’ve rolled out online reporting for premium users which comes with a number of improvements and features.

Generate Reports & Share

Premium reports are now generated online allowing you to create larger reports without device memory limitations. Utilise the share function to then directly share a report via a link instead of needing to manually attach to email or other methods.

Reports now utilise your cloud data when generating a report.

You no longer need to download data to your device to create reports. If you have been working offline, ensure you sync to the project cloud before creating a report.

New Report Options (Premium)

Project Owners can now access new options to allow you to create public links so anyone can download generated reports.

Use the Download option to transfer a file to your device for viewing.

Use the Create Public Link & Share options to generate a publicly accessible link to the report (see below).


  • You no longer need to sync a project to generate reports.
  • You will receive an email notification once the report is ready to be accessed.
  • Large reports 300+ images may take up to 15 minutes to process, please be patient.
  • Project team members will have access to download reports but cannot enable or remove public links.

Share Reports (Premium)

Use the Share Public Link option to send a unique URL to stakeholders so they can download the file directly.

Use the Remove Public Link to disable access.


After removing a public link, the previous link will be permanently disabled.

Add a Business Logo (Premium)

Premium users may now add a logo which displays on the cover page of your reports.

  1. Access the logo attachment from the Options > Company Details screen
  2. Tap on + Add Logo
  3. Select an image saved on your device
  4. Crop the image if needed
  5. Hit the Check in the top right hand corner to save


  • Images are converted to a 3:2 ratio
  • For best results, use an image with a minimum height of 200px

Change the Report Title (Premium)

Need to modify your default report notes or title? You can do so easily when generating a report.

After selecting either PDF or DOCX, tap on the Report Title or Report Notes to make changes.

Changes will only impact the report you create and default values will remain for next time.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed ability to delete lists when working in offline mode
  • Improve defect selection on move defects mode

More Information

Have a question, suggestion or want more information? Get in contact via our service desk below.

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