V1.3.0 Release Notes – Project Cloud

May 9, 2022Updates

We’re excited to announce that version 1.3.0 is now available for download!

This massive update includes a number of improvements as well as the long awaited Project Cloud function. Your Project Cloud allows you to back up individual projects and access the data from other devices.

Work online and update your Project Cloud as-you-work or download a project and work offline.

Maintain project data between devices with the tap of a button.

Learn more about the Project Cloud below.

Options – Auto-Sync & Manual Sync

The options screen now includes Project Cloud settings to let you control how projects downloaded to your device will behave.

Auto Sync

This mode is perfect if you have good connectivity. Any defects that fail to sync due to poor connectivity or timeouts can be manually synced at a later stage.

Manual Sync

Switch to this mode for locations with poor internet connectivity to avoid slowing you down. Create lists, Defects, Assign to Contractors, Add Photos then sync the project when you’re back in the office.


Premium users will now have access to Online projects that display any project backed up to the Project Cloud. These projects can be viewed from any devices you are logged into.

On Device

“On Device” are projects downloaded and synced to your device which allow you to work Offline.

Look out for the indicators to let you know if your project is up to date or requires syncing with server data.

Creating Projects

Note that you will now need to be connected to the internet to set up the project initially. After saving, you can download and work offline.

Project Screen

To sync a project, tap on the sync button. Any new Lists, Defects or Photos will be uploaded and new data on the Project Cloud will be downloaded.

You can also download projects to your device to work Offline by tapping the Project Cloud download icon.

Status Types for On Device Projects

As you work, lists will indicate if they, or their defects, require syncing.

Sync Icon – indicates data on your device does not match with the server.

Cloud Icon – indicates this list (or defect) only exists on the Project Cloud. You can still update these when in Auto-sync mode.

The Details tab allows you to delete project data from your device and/or from the Project Cloud.

You can remove data from your device to save space. Your online copy will persist and will be available from the Home screen under the Online heading.

Reports – Important!

Note that reports are not backed up to the server at this time – make a copy of these if needed before removing a project from your device.

List Screen

The list screen continues to display your Defects along with new icons to indicate whether the Defect is out-of-sync or only accessible via cloud.

Performance Improvements

This update also addresses various performance issues and includes:

  • Faster loading projects with a great number of lists
  • Faster loading for lists with a great number of defects
  • Better performance for large lists
  • Reduce stuttering on lists page
  • Fixes dark-mode & light-mode issues on Android

Project Cloud FAQs

Can I still use the app offline?

Yes. You’ll need to be connected when you create a project, but afterwards any project synced to your device will work offline.

I am trialling the DefectWise app, can I try the online sync function?

Yes. Premium comes with a 30 day free trial with all functions unlocked.

Why do Lists and Defect show a Spinner before loading Photos?

The app now utilises a new method for displaying images. This is only available on newly created defects, projects or online projects.

To take advantage of the faster image loading on legacy projects, you can sync to the server, remove from device, then sync back to the device.

Can I generate reports for Online Projects?

No. For the time being you will need to download the project to generate a report. We will be rolling out an online reporting feature in the near future.

Can multiple people work on the same project?

Soon! Our next major update will include teams capabilities to make this possible.

I have a backup already stored, can I access this through my Project Cloud?

No, Project Cloud replaces the current back up and restore. The old backup function has been disabled but the restore will remain available to those with existing backups.

This will be phased out completely in an upcoming update.

I deleted a project from the server but have a copy on another device. Can I sync it a second time?


More Information

Have a question, suggestion or want more information? Get in contact via our service desk below.

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