JULY UPDATE | Defect Numbers, Image Editing, Defect Status & More

Jun 30, 2021Updates

Version 1.2.3 Now Live

Our latest version of DefectWise is now live and is packed full of features to help you work wiser.

Jump to the items you’re most interested in using these links:

  1. Client Details
  2. Defect Numbers
  3. Defect Photo Editor
  4. Defect Rectification Status
  5. Defect Completion Date & Create Date
  6. Reports

1. Client Details

We’ve now added the ability to include your clients information against your projects and exported reports.

Client details can now be entered on multiple lines in the available input field. Details shows up on exported reports under the heading PREPARED FOR / ON BEHALF OF:

To update client information on an existing project:

  1. Open your project
  2. Navigate to the Details tab
  3. Click on Edit Project Details at the bottom of the page.

2. Defect Numbers

Defect numbers will now be assigned when you save a defect using the Project Reference followed by the assigned number.

If your defect numbering gets out of order (due to creating & deleting), you can reassign numbers after you have finished your inspection using our default ordering or by the create time/date.

To view a defect number, open a project list or defect pages.

To Assign Numbers to an Existing Project or to Reassign Numbers:

  • Open your project
  • Navigate to the Details tab
  • Click on ‘Reset Defect Numbers’ at the bottom of the page then select your preferred order

3. Defect Photo Editor (PAID ONLY)

Paid users can now edit and mark up photos or images added from your gallery. Utilise this tool to highlight and identify key issues relating to your defects.

How to Edit Photos

  1. Take a photo or add from gallery
  2. View the photo in the defect photo viewer
  3. Select EDIT in the bottom left
  4. Hit the TICK to save or replace your edited image

The image editor let’s you

  • Draw shapes (Rectangle / Circular)
  • Lines
  • Arrows
  • Text
  • Freehand
  • Change colour, thickness and style

4. Defect Rectification Status

Set and manage the state of defects as a project progresses. Swipe left on a defect in the LIST page or open a DEFECT and set it from there.

View a summary of defect status counts in the List Details or Project Details pages.

5. Defect Completion Date & Create Date

Defect Completion and Create Date fields are now available to edit and update on the defect page.

Changing the Defect Status to Completed will automatically update the Completion time if the field is empty.

Tap on the date fields to manually modify them.

6. Reports

  • DOCX Reports are now pre-formatted on report generation & default to the Arial font
  • Defect Numbers now show if they have been assigned. Use the Project Details page to assign or reassign numbers.
  • Client details now show on the cover page
  • Create date has been moved from bottom centre position to left aligned on the cover page
  • Business name text height increased and is now aligned left
  • Headers have been tweaked to fit information on better
  • First and Last Names have been switch to a more sensical order on the cover pages

General Improvements

  • Sites terminology has now been renamed to LISTS under the project page. Lists may be treated however you like and are filterable under the Reporting Options.
  • Back buttons now have labels to help determine which page you are navigating back to.
  • Report generation speed slightly improved.

Got An Idea for Improvements?

While we have more updates planned for sorting reports and managing defects, we’d love to know what you think.

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