New Defect Comments Activity Log

Nov 7, 2023How to Article, Updates

We are pleased to announce the latest update to the DefectWise management system, the Defect Comments Activity Log. The comments activity log provides a simple way to track ongoing progress against each defect in the system.

This feature is now available for ALL USERS and works on the iOS & Android Apps as well as the Web Portal.


  • Add comments & attach photos as evidence of rectification or ongoing issues.
  • Save comments in Offline Mode and sync to the server.
  • Track the ongoing progress of defects in the system.

How to Add a Comment (App & Web)

  1. To add a comment, create and save a new defect
  2. When you next open the defect, tap on “Add a Comment…”
  3. Type your message and attach photos via the paperclip icon
  4. Hit the send arrow to save the comment or back arrow to cancel

Saving Comments in Offline Mode (App Only)

You can save & sync comments when working offline, follow these steps:

  1. Sync a project to your device
  2. Switch to Offline Mode
  3. Open an existing defect and add a comment (same as above)
  4. Head back to your main project options and sync the project

Offline comments will be sent to the server and removed from your device if successful.

Switch back to Online Mode to view synced comments.

Viewing Existing Comments (Offline Mode)

Comments on the server do not sync to your device in offline mode. You must have connectivity to view existing comments.

More Information

Have a question, suggestion or want more information? Get in contact via our service desk below.

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