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DefectWise is a defects inspection app that saves you time and money with quicker and smarter defect inspections

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Save Time & Money with a Better Defects App

Defect Wise makes it fast and easy to perform defect inspections and produce inspection reports.

Capturing and documenting a defect can be done in seconds.

Our pre-defined categories and rapid auto-complete features with predictive search means you could spend half the time (or less) performing inspections.

Post-inspection, you can generate and distribute a report with the click of a button. Use the PDF export for fast distribution of information or export to Word Doc & Excel formats to allow further editing and customisation.

Stop wasting time and money using out-dated software (or manual methods) and try DefectWise now for free.


  • Easily set-up projects for apartments, homes or any other facility.
  • DefectWise’s utilises PredictWise TechnologyTM which reduces the time it takes to document your defects.
  • Quickly classify and tag defects with location and issue information.
  • Save common area’s, elements & issues for quick recall to avoid repetitive data input.
  • Offline support with online data backup.
Construction Defects Projects App Page


Add new locations and see defects per location
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Quickly capture and document any defect
Construction Defects App Page

Project Type

Sort & display data based on project types

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Capture defects and categorise using the app.



Generate reports using popular file formats.


Share reports via email or save to your cloud storage.


DefectWise provides a fast and easy workflow for generating and distributing reports in the following formats.


Quickly share a project snapshot and view using Adobe Acrobat or compatible PDF viewing software.


Open and edit in MS Word, Google Docs or compatible software. Import into your own styled templates to ensure reporting is on brand. 


Open using popular spreadsheet software like MS Excel or Google Sheets. Use to manage defects status or share with builders for updates.

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